Faculty (2018)


E-Mail addresses should be followed by "@aori.u-tokyo.ac.jp"

Name Position Research Subjects E-Mail
Abe-Ouchi, Ayako Professor coupled atmosphere-ocean GCM, ice sheet dynamics, paleo-climate modelling abeouchi
Hasumi, Hiroyasu Professor climate dynamics, sea ice, oceanic deep circulation hasumi
Imasu, Ryoichi Professor atmospheric physics, remote sensing of the atmosphere imasu
Kimoto, Masahide Division head, Professor diagnostics and modeling of climate variabilities, coupled ocean-atmosphere models kimoto
Oka, Akira Associate Professor climate modeling, thermohaline circulation akira
Satoh, Masaki Professor dynamic meteorology, general circulation, climate study with cloud resolving models satoh
Suzuki, Kentaroh Associate Professor cloud microphysics, aerosol-cloud-precipitation interaction, cloud and climate modeling, satellite observation analysis ksuzuki
Takayabu, Yukari Professor tropical meteorology, tropical cloud-and-precipitation systems and their effects on global climate yukari
Watanabe, Masahiro Professor dynamics of the large-scale atmospheric circulation, climate modeling, climate dynamics hiro
Yoshimori, Masakazu Associate Professor global climate model, polar climate change, climate feedbacks, paleoclimate modelling masakazu

Project Research Associate

Name Position Research Subjects E-Mail
Kawasaki, Takao Project Research Associate thermohaline circulation, ice-ocean modeling, physical oceanography kawasaki
Miyakawa, Tomoki Project Research Associate Tropical meteorology, multiscale interactions, numerical modeling miyakawa
Nitta, Tomoko Project Research Associate Terrestrial hydrological cycles in cold regions, land-atmosphere coupling, land surface modelling t_nitta
Sherriff-Tadano Sam Project Research Associate Climate Dynamics, Paleo-climate Modelling, Atmosphere-Ocean Interaction tadano

Adjunct Professor and Visiting Professor

Name Position Research Subjects E-Mail
Yoshimura, Kei Adjunct Associate Professor isotope meteorology, land surface processes, dynamical downscaling kei
Guanghua Chen Visitting Professor Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences cgh
Saito, Kazuo Visitting Professor Japan Meteorological Business Support Center k_saito

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