German-Japan Workshop

気候システム研究センター(CCSR)では、ドイツ、マックスプランク気象研究 所と共同で、2005年10月31日から11月2にかけて数値気候モデリン グに関する独日ワークショップを開催致しました。 日本側からはCCSR、気象庁 気象研究所、国立環境研究所、地球環境フロンティア研究センター、地球シミ ュレーターセンター等からの研究者、マックスプランク研究所からは所長の Guy Brasseur博士を始め6名の研究者、そして香港シティー大学のJohnny Chan博士、北京大学のChunsheng Zhao博士(CCSR客員研究員)が参加し、気候 モデリングの成果と課題について活発な議論を行いました。 CCSRとマックスプ ランク気象研究所では、気候力学、気候物理・化学に関わる多くの研究を行っ ており共通課題も多いので、今後、有効な協力を図ってゆくことになりまし た。

'German-Japan Joint Workshop on Numerical Climate Modeling has been held in CCSR' Center for Climate System Research (CCSR) and Max-Planck Institute for Meteorology have held a German-Japan Joint Workshop on Numerical Climate Modeling from 31 Oct. to 2 Nov. 2005 at CCSR. Intensive discussion on the results and issues of numerical climate modeling were made by scientists from CCSR, JMA Meteorological Research Institute , National Institute for Environmental Studies, Frontier Research Center for Global Change, Earth Simulator Center; six scientists from Max Planck Institute including Dr. Guy Brasseur, director; Dr. Johnny Chan from City University of Hong Kong and Dr. Chunsheng Zhao (CCSR visiting professor). Participants agreed to seek an effective collaboration between CCSR and Max Planck Institute for Meteorology that have been conducting studies of climate dynamics, physics, and chemistry with many common interests.



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Program for the German-Japan Workshop on Numerical Climate Modeling

Day 1 (31 Oct. 2005)
Time   Speaker/Chair      Title
Chair/ Masahide Kimoto, Jochem Marotzke
10:00   Nakajima, Brasseur   Openning
10:10   Brasseur, Guy      The Hamburg Earth System Model / Response of the Upper Atmosphere to Natural and Anthropogenic Perturbations (co-author on the second part: Hauke Schimdt)
10:35   Nakajima, Teruyuki   A perspective of CCSR climate modeling and some results of atmospheric particle modeling.
11:00   Break
11:20   Kimoto, Masahide    High-resolution coupled ocean-atmosphere modeling for climate studies.
11:45   Emori, Seita       High-resolution climate change projection and impact assessment.
12:10   Lunch
Chair/Ryoichi Imasu, Masaaki Takahashi, Jin Song von Storch
13:40   Chan, Johnny      A regional climate model for South China.
14:05   Takayabu, Yukari    (TBD)
14:30   Giorgetta, Marco    Climatology and Forcing of the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation in the MAECHAM5 Model / The ICON project,
14:55   Takahashi, Masaaki   Modeling of upper atmosphere/planetary atmosphere.
15:20   Break
15:45   Sudo, Kengo      Atmospheric Chemistry and Aerosols Modelling in the FRCGC Earth System model.
16:10   Feichter, Johann    Aerosols from fires and biogenic sources: the impact on climate.
16:35   Kito, Akio        Paleoclimate Modeling at MRI.
17:00   End of the session
18:00   Reception

Day 2 (Nov. 1, 2005)
Time   Speaker          Title
Chair/Erich Roeckner, Ayako Abe
10:00   Roeckner, Erich     Preliminary results from the IPCC experiments / Carbon cycle - climate interactions.
10:25   Kawamiya, Michio    Development an integrated earth system model on the Earth Simulator.
10:50   Hasumi, Hiroyasu    Ocean and sea ice modeling at CCSR.
11:15   Break
11:35   von Storch, Jin-Song The influence of model resolution on the stability of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation,
12:00   Ayako Abe        Paleo-climate (TBD)
12:25   Lunch
Chair/Marco Giorgetta, Masahiro Endoh, Masaki Satoh
13:55   Marotzke, Jochem   The role of ocean models and observations in moving from climate projections to Earth system predictions.
14:20   Awaji, Toshiyuki     Improved estimates of climatological seasonal change by a 4D-Var coupled data assimilation.
14:45   Watanabe, Kunihiko   The Earth Simulator.
15:10   Break
15:35   Noda, Akira        Akira Noda: High-resolution global and regional climate modeling at MRI
16:00   Satoh, Masaki      Global cloud resolving simulations using Nonhydrostatic Icosahedral Atmospheric Model.
16:25   Zhao, Chunsheng    Aircraft Measurements of Aerosol and Cloud Microproperties over East Asia.
16:50   All             General discussion for collaboration
17:50   End of the workshop