Researches onGreenhouse Gases
 Some atmospheric gas constituents strongly absorb terrestrial thermal infrared radiation to keep the atmosphere in a thermal equilibrium state. These gases are called "greenhouse gases". A recent increase of anthropogenic greenhouse gases is believed to be the main cause of global warming. Clarifying the circulation (i.e., emission, circulation, and extinction of the gases) in the earth-atmosphere system is essential along with study of their radiative effects for elucidating the mechanism of global warming and for more reliable prediction of climate state in the future. Observational research by use of remote-sensing data, such as satellite data, is one important activity at the CCSR. The goal of that research is to clarify global distribution and circulation of greenhouse gases on the basis of observational data. Another activity addressing greenhouse gases is development of numerical models by which radiative effects and their behavior in the atmosphere can be simulated. Target gases are mainly artificial gases such as replacement compounds for CFCs. We are aiming at complete understanding of the role and behavior of greenhouse gases in the climate system from the points of view of both observation and modeling.

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