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Documenting Climate Change
The Complete Collection of UNFCCC Documentation
Volume 1: 1991-1996 UNFCCC official documents in all available UN languages

This disk forms part of a growing multi-volume suite in CD-ROM format providing ready reference to all official documentation issued since 1991 as part of the process of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and of the Kyoto Protocol including:

  • Full Convention and Protocol texts
  • Key materials including: interpretive guides, national communications on greenhouse gas emissions trends and policy responses, in-depth reviews of national communications, as well as daily programmes, lists of participants and agendas for UNFCCC meetings
  • UNFCCC official documents including: conference and technical papers, reports, decisions and resolutions in all available UN languages

An index of all material featured on all of the CDs is contained in each volume, making it is possible to search or browse all volumes starting from any of the disks in this suite. The index indicates on which CD the document or other material is to be found. It may be required to switch to another CD to view the document. For ease of reference each volume also contains: Convention and Protocol texts, interpretive guides and COP decisions. To access the materials contained in the digital library collection use the left-hand menu bar and click on the collection you wish to search or browse, then:

Select from the menu options, until you see a list of documents. Find the document you want to view
Look for the [Vol.x] symbol showing which disk to insert into the CD drive. Also make note of the document's symbol number [FCCC/XXX/XXXX/X]. If the correct disk is in the drive, click on the title of the document to open the full record and, if there is a choice, select your preferred language version. Otherwise, place the correct CD in the CD drive
From the left-hand menu bar, select your document by symbol number
Select the symbol number corresponding to your document
Click on the title of the document to open the full record
If there is a choice, select your preferred language version
The full text will appear on screen