Last updated on August 29, 2012.

COCO: an ocean general circulation model developed by AORI-JAMSTEC consortium

COCO is the ocean general circulation model developed jointly by AORI ocean modeling group and JAMSTEC RIGC Advanced Ocean Modeling Research Team. It's also the oceanic part of the coupled general circulation model MIROC.


Documentation (PDF)

You can also get a printed copy (issued as a volume of CCSR Report) by contacting Hiroyasu Hasumi. You can find his e-mail address here.

Publications related to COCO

See the publication list of Hiroyasu Hasumi. There's of course a lot more published by other people.

Access to the model

It is not available on-line. If you are interested in using COCO, please contact Hiroyasu Hasumi.


The name of the model, COCO, was an acronym for "CCSR (Center for Climate System Research) Ocean Component Model." CCSR does not formally exist now because it was merged with ORI (Ocean Research Institute) on April 2010 and became a part of AORI. So, the name COCO is no longer regarded as an acronym.

By the way, you might think "COCOM" would be a more natural acronym for "CCSR Ocean Component Model." At least, I think so. However, some of the members of the CCSR ocean modeling group (including my boss) insisted that there's a bad image on that acronym, which had been used for "Coordinating Committee for Export to Communist" during the Cold War era. That organization was dissolved after the collapse of the communist bloc, so I personally don't think there's a problem...

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