Tomoki Miyakawa (宮川 知己)       [Japanese]  [English]



  Associate Professor, PhD

  Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo
  Division of Climate System Research
  5-1-5, Kashiwanoha, Kashiwa, Chiba, 277-8568 Japan
  Phone: 04-7136-4399 fax: 04-7136-4375
  E-mail: miyakawa (at)

 A developing Cumulus Congestus

    CV     Publication

  I work on "reproducing", "understanding", and "predicting" phenomena related with
  organized convection and/or equatorial waves, with specific interest in multiscale
  interaction, Air-sea interaction, meridional interaction, and General Circulation.
  I have put particular emphasis on numerical simulation studies of the Madden-Julian
  oscillation (MJO), an eastward atmospheric pulse visualized as a gigantic package of
  clouds, using a global cloud resolving model NICAM and its ocean-coupled version NICOCO.

  I welcome new members who are eager to try all available means to
  unravel the entangled misterys of the weather & climate system.
  (NICAM/NICOCO, climate model MIROC, satellite data,
   field observation data, theoretical model, etc.)


Cloud envelope of an MJO event reproduced by NICAM

Upper right: "Kuroshio" simulated in NICOCO (0.1 deg)
   Bottom: Rain observed by the TRMM Satellite

    NICAM 3.5km movie
  A movie of a global cloud resolving simulation by 3.5km NICAM
  Executed on the K computer as part of the HPCI SPIRE3 project

    GCM seminar (password required)
  Webpage of the global climate model seminar run by students of Kashiwa, Hongou, and Komaba
  Archives notes by students/postdocs, tutorials of MIROC&NICAM, tips for supercomputers
  Planning to add tutorials for ocean models and satellite data

    Nicoview (password required)
  A visualization tool for Icosahedral (NICAM) & Tripolar (COCO) grid data
  Requires the GFD Dennou Club Library (DCL)


  MJO simulated on the K computer with NICOCO
  Graphic produced by Nicoview
  (Fig.1 of Miyakawa et al. 2017, Geophysical Research Letters)