Directions to CCSR

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Center for Climate System Research, University of Tokyo
5-1-5, Kashiwanoha, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba, 277-8568, Japan


TEL 04-7136-4371 FAX 04-7136-4375

How to get to CCSR

from time note
Kashiwanoha-campus Station by bus : 8 - 15 min. take a taxi : 5 min. walk : 25 min. From #1 Bus Station at West Exit of Kashiwanoha-campus Station, take Tobu-Bus for Edogawadai Station East Exit (Edogawadai Eki Higashiguchi) or Kashiwanoha park belt-line bus (Kashiwanoha Koen Jyunkan).
JR Kashiwa Station about 25 min. by bus plus 5 min. walk From #2 Bus Station at West Exit of JR Kashiwa Station, take Tobu-Bus for National Cancer Center (KOKURITSU GAN CENTER).
Edogawa-dai Station take a taxi (about 5 min.) or go by foot (about 30 min.) At Kashiwa Station, tranfer to Tobu Noda Line toward Ohmiya

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